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Northeast College Tour 2025

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We're delighted to introduce you to our unique College Tour in the Northeast, a collaboration between Inspired and Envoys, the premier global education company in the US. This program is designed to give your children a glimpse into the life of a student at some of America's top universities, enriching their perspectives and inspiring their academic journeys.

Through this portal, you'll find everything needed to embark on this exciting educational adventure. Our commitment is to offer an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, providing insights and opportunities that will shape your child's future.

Welcome to the parent portal and to the Envoys family. Let’s start this transformative journey together.

Best regards,

Angela Gómez
Co-founder at Envoys



The below itinerary provides one projection of the daily schedule. Changes may be made to improve the program quality, based on the logistical and educational needs of enrolled students.


DAY 1:

Sunday, February  16h

Students will start their educational journey with their flights touching down in Boston. A bus will facilitate their transfer to the hotel, allowing them some time to check in, unpack, and get comfortable. The day will be capped off with a delightful dinner, setting the tone for the upcoming activities. The day concludes with a restful sleep in Boston.

DAY 2:

Monday, February 17th

The day kicks off with a hearty breakfast, followed by a briefing to set expectations and goals for the day. We have two different itinerary options for the day. Option 1 is to transfer to Harvard University, one of the world's most prestigious institutions in the US. After a morning tour of Harvard, students will break for lunch. The afternoon shifts its focus to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), offering insights into its cutting-edge innovations and research. For Option 2 we visit Emerson College in the morning and University of Massachusetts in the afternoon getting to know them in detail through in-detail tours. The day rounds off with a daily debrief to reflect on the experiences, followed by dinner and some downtime. The night ends in Boston.



DAY 3:

Tuesday, February 18th

Following breakfast and a daily briefing, students are whisked away to Northeastern University. Here, they'll engage in a comprehensive morning tour. The itinerary then moves to Boston University, another leading institution, in the afternoon. After wrapping up the tour, the students will embark on a 1.5-hour journey to Providence, Rhode Island. The day wraps up with a daily debrief, dinner, and some relaxation time before bedtime in Providence.

DAY 4:

Wednesday, February 19th

With breakfast done and a briefing underway, the group has 2 options for the morning, the first one being Brown University. This Ivy League offers its own unique educational experiences, which students will discover during the morning tour. Our second option would be to visit the Rhode Island School of Design, one of the most highly respected and influential art and design colleges in the world. Post-lunch, it's time to transfer to New Haven, Connecticut. Here, Yale University awaits. Students will delve into its history, academic culture, and more during the afternoon tour. After a day filled with intellectual stimulation, students will check into their New Haven hotel, followed by dinner and downtime. The day concludes in New Haven.



Day 5:

Thursday, February 20th

After breakfast we will be on our way to New York City where we can choose from 2 different possibilities: The morning tour in Columbia University here promises a dive into its esteemed academic culture and vibrant student life. After a lunch break in NYC, the journey continues to New York University. Our second itinerary choice would be for a tour of The New School in the morning and, after lunch, a tour of Pace University where we engage in our final campus visit. We close the day in the ‘city that never sleeps’, enjoying a wonderful group dinner before heading off to sleep.

DAY 6:

Friday, February 21st 

The group enjoys breakfast and then transfers to Washington, D.C for a visit to Georgetown University. After lunch and a tour of this special college the group will head to the hotel for some downtime and reflection on the program. They pack their bags and enjoy a final program dinner before they head off to bed.


DAY 7:

Saturday, February 22nd

The final day begins with breakfast and the customary briefing. Students will then head to the airport, marking the end of their enriching East Coast college tour. They'll embark on their flights home, carrying with them a treasure trove of memories and knowledge.

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Program Minimum Students Land Student Cost
Northeast College Tour 25 $2,640 + Flights depending on each destination.

The Land Price includes:

  • Full-time Envoys Program Director(s)
  • Customized Program Design and Arrangement
  • All Accommodations (Double-Share)
  • All Activities
  • Ground Transportation
  • Internal flights per itineraries
  • Two meals daily (Breakfast and Lunch or Dinner)
  • Medical Advisory Services
  • Risk Management Planning, Assessment and Support

Flight Information

Flight information will be added here when available.

Key deadlines and refund policy



Confirmed Number of Travelers 

Participant Flight Booking Information

October 12th, 2024

Deposits Paid (30% of Ground Total, 10% of which is non-refundable)

Participant Information Submitted

Participant Agreements Signed

October 19th, 2024

Balance Payment

Traveler Documents and Medical Information

December 18th, 2024

Minimum Students to run the program: 32 if the minimum is not reached, Envoys will refund families.